Jamuna Prasad Memorial PG College

Bhairpura-Khajuria, Nainital Road, Bareilly

Advisory Board


Dr. S.K. Agarwal Ex. Director, Atari Institute, Bareilly
Dr. N.L. Sharma Director General, KCMT, Bareilly
Dr. D.K. Gupta Dean & Sr. Reader, Deptt. of Zoology BC, Bly.
Prof. A.K. Jaitly Head, Deptt. of Plant Sciences M.J.P.R.U. Bly
Prof. V.P. Singh Chief Proctor, M.J.P.R.U. Bareilly
Dr. D.K. Jain Ex. Head, Deptt. of Zoology, BC, Bareilly
Dr. Raj Kumar Director, S.S.V.I.M., Nainital Road, Bareilly
Prof. U.B. Singh Ex. Dean, Fisheries, G.B. Pant University, (U.K.)
Prof. Neelima Gupta Dean & Head, Deptt. of Animal Sc., M.J.P.R.U. Bly
Dr. U.S. Mishra Head, Deptt. of Botany, Bareilly College, Bly.
Prof. A.K. Sarkar Head, Deptt. of Management, M.J.P.R.U. , Bareilly
Dr. A.D. Shrivastava Placement Officer, Bareilly College, Bareilly
Dr. R.P. Yadav Head, Deptt. of Physics, Govt. P.G. College, Meerganj
Dr. Kishore Chandola Director, Chadola Medical College, U.S. Nagar (U.K.)
Dr. A.K. Mishra Sr. Reader, Deptt. of Commerce, BC, Bareilly
Dr. M.C. Rastogi Head, Deptt. of Law, Bareilly College, Bareilly
Dr. D.D. Joshi Sports Secretary, Govt. P.G. College, U.S.N. (U.K.)
Dr. Sanjeev Saxena Sr. Reader, Deptt. of Physics, Bareilly College, Bly.
Dr. Ravindra Singh Head, Computer Science Deptt. M.J.P.R.U. Bly.
Dr. S.S. Bedi Placement Officer, M.J.P.R.U., Bareilly
Dr. Poornima Anil Head, Deptt. of English, Bareilly College, Bareilly
Dr. T.S. Chauhan Sr. Reader, Deptt. of Maths, BC, Bareilly
Dr. Anurag M. Bhatnagar Sr. Reader, Deptt. of Chemistry, BC, Bareilly
Dr. Yash Pal Singh Deptt. of Education, M.J.P.R.U., Bareilly
Dr. A.K. Khare Reader, Deptt. of Botany, Bareilly College, Bareilly
Dr. P.K. verma Reader, Deptt. of Physics, Bareilly College, Bareilly
Dr. R.N. Singh Reader, Deptt. of Chemistry, T.D.P.G. College, Jaunpur
Dr. K.K. Ansari Reader, Deptt. of Zoology, MLKPG College, Balrampur
Dr. Nagendra Sharma Sports Incharge, Kumaun University, Nainital (U.K.)
Dr. R.A. Singh Reader, Deptt. of Botany, RSM College, Dhampur
Dr. Adarsh Pandey Head, Deptt. of Botany, S.S. College, Shahjahanpur
Dr. Arif Nadeem Reader, Deptt. of Maths, BC, Bareilly
Dr. Rajendra Singh Reader, Deptt. of Zoology, Bareilly College, Bareilly
Dr. K.K. Singh Associate Proff., SRMSCET, Bareilly
Dr. Vipin Yadav Head, Deptt. of Botany, MAM, Bareilly
Dr. Neetu Mehrotra Head, Deptt. of Zoology, MAM, Bareilly
Dr. Pawan Kumar Sr. Reader, Deptt. of Physics, Hindu College, MBD.
Dr. Ritesh Joshi Reader, Deptt. of Env. Sc. Garhwal Uni., Srinagar
Dr. Ranjeet Singh Head, Deptt. of Physics, S.W. College Nainital (U.K.)


• JPMC promises a disciplined path for those who wish to build a strong foundation for their career ahead.
• The management ensures that every individual gets an equal opportunity to grow in their respective domain
• State of the art facilities and modern amenities ensure that a student as well as the staff is comfortable.


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