Jamuna Prasad Memorial PG College

Bhairpura-Khajuria, Nainital Road, Bareilly

Teachers' Details

1. Deptt. of Management  
  A. Mr. Ankur Tandon Incharge
  B. Mr. Rajat Deengra Lecturer
  C. Mr. Shalabh Saxena Lecturer
2. Deptt. of Computer Science  
  A. Er. Sunil Trivedi Incharge
  B. Er. Schephalika Lecturer
  C. Mr. Vimal Kumar Sharma  Lecturer
  D. Mr. Shashank Puri Lecturer
  E. Ms. Reena Gangwar Lecturer
3. Deptt. of Commerce  
  A. Dr. Shiv Shankar Maurya Incharge
  B. Ms. Rimmy Pandey Lecturer
  C. Mr. Ajay Sharma Lecturer
  D. Mr. Sateyendra Srivastava Lecturer
4. Deptt. of Zoology  
  A. Mr. Anoop Saxena Incharge
  B. Ms. Sunita Gangwar Lecturer
5. Deptt. of Botany  
  A. Dr. Ruchika Gangwar Incharge
  B. Dr. Manoj Joshi Lecturer
6. Deptt. of Math  
  A. Mr. Dharamveer Singh Incharge
  B. Ms. Mayuri Saxena Lecturer
  C. Ms. Aasifa Siddiqei Lecturer
7. Deptt. of Physics  
  A. Mr. Anil Kumar Incharge
  B. Mr. Daya Shankar            Lecturer
8. Deptt. of Chemistry  
  A. Dr. Niti Saxena Incharge
  B. Mr. Amrish Gangwar Lecturer
  C. Ms. Parul Upadhyay Lecturer


• JPMC promises a disciplined path for those who wish to build a strong foundation for their career ahead.
• The management ensures that every individual gets an equal opportunity to grow in their respective domain
• State of the art facilities and modern amenities ensure that a student as well as the staff is comfortable.


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